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Women’s Insights – [the Haibun Version]

March 15, 2016

Last night while in a dreamy state of melancholy arousal I remembered dancing with Lisa one December evening on the birthday of William Blake.  She pushed her lush body against mine, said, “You will never have a satisfactory love life because for an artist, a poet, work is the only satisfactory relationship you can have since you seek your real friends, your lovers, from the dead & the unborn.”

I don’t recall my response, but she must’ve been right, I have not seen her in years, or know where she is.  My most satisfactory relationship in recent time was when I just happened to catch sight of Suzanne through her bedroom window changing her clothes.

Remembering one love
I remember them all
I dream & desire.
Another said so long ago
“Your job is to learn
how to submit to despair”
a woman’s wisdom in the fog
of remembered arousal.

(written to respond to


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  1. Interesting thought that a poet’s true friends are the dead and the unborn!

  2. very thought-provoking.
    i agree…us artists and poets are married to the greats…the words. perhaps because of that we’ll never be alone…we love things that can never leave us. books, poems, quotes, art.
    lovely poem and prose.

  3. Your haibun was very thought provoking, well done…

  4. Oh I think there is a point here, a danger of poetry, finding lovers elsewhere.

  5. …..ah, not to be lost within our pen and musings….but to seek the real in that same day. Important.

  6. Sometimes others know things about someone that the person doesn’t know themselves! A very sensual piece.

  7. “work is the only satisfactory relationship you can have”

    — I think there are many who actually believe this. A sad thought, indeed.

  8. Melancholy indeed.

  9. That was awesome!

  10. Poetry is like a second skin. It always tingles. It sometimes feels more alive. We never lose that tingle. Everything else is a distraction.

  11. soo much sadness in here

  12. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) permalink

    Interesting insights beautifully expressed.

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