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Fortune Cookie

February 10, 2016

Today I walked but then
I always do, no place to go
on the bus, or rather no bus
going anywhere I want to go
a flâneur on la dérive.

Stopped for a cappuccino, Suzanne’s
cleavage, at Up River Espresso
& stare at otherwise blank space.

At Wing Wah after lo mein
string beans & green tea
the stale fortune cookie shattered:
“Your shoes will make you happy.”

Check this out


From → Poems, Suzanne

  1. If you believe it, then it will make you happy 🙂 Enjoyed the details of your day ~

  2. I like how you’ve lumped (pardon the pun) Suzanne’s cleavage into the category of ‘otherwise blank space.’ ha,k

  3. I love the pivotal pull of the word “shattered” here.

  4. Nice, conversational voice in this poem, Lee. Liked the detail of the shattered stale cookie.

  5. I liked the average everyday feel to this and enjoyed the details that made it interesting to read. And I hope your shoes make you happy if you’re walking in them everywhere. :~)

  6. The utter banality of the morning and then that contrary fortune…can connect to that!

  7. Wonderful response to the prompt 🙂

  8. Mixed emotions in this poem. Very well done.

  9. I enjoy how you weaved this all together.

  10. Maybe the walking without purpose made that fortune… Solvitur Ambulando

  11. A shoe of art
    a feat of dance
    a bare of toes..
    a hare
    of human
    oF wonder..:)

  12. and your shoes led you to a treat for eyes and tum.

  13. a little different from other days after finding that strip of fortune…

  14. I’m going to borrow your fortune for myself.

    I love your writing.

  15. Incredible – a few weeks ago I gave the prompt at dVerse for people to use lines from fortune cookies I chose. The shoes fortune I just loved. This is just lots of fun.

  16. Very interesting response. It got my thinking!

  17. Ah, you shoes will make you happy – exactly as much as you want them to be. That was fun. Welcome to OLN….

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