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INK – 2

January 8, 2016

There are sunflowers, roses
dragons, mythical beasts
in blue, black, some color
between shoulder blades

tendrils, snakes, vines
disappearing from waist lines
into panties — who
I wonder, can see them?

Certainly, she cannot, except
to twist between mirrors, or
be bent over the kitchen table
or face down on a bed, her lover

admiring the canvas of her skin
a hidden drawing she hopes
is the creature she desires.



From → Poems, Prompts

  1. Admiring the sensuality in the last stanza ~ Thanks for linking up with D’verse ~

  2. Gosh.. i love
    tattoos too much
    to wear on skin
    i prefer them
    on shirts
    to tunes
    of 400 or
    so written
    and illustrated
    now.. it’s more expensive
    but the ideas never run out
    and i kinda like the map i am
    as skin
    still now..:)

  3. Ellie J permalink

    This is killer poetry.

  4. This is great. Yes, mostly it’s others who will be admiring her ink. 😉

  5. There has to be a purpose of all that ink… somehow showing a hint of them would work as a lure I think…

  6. scotthastiepoet permalink

    A nicely lyrical evocation of something we all recognise – thanks of this and I shall be back for more… With Best Wishes Scott

  7. Some may see different creatures carved by that ink on her skin.

  8. Beautifully enticing 😀

  9. “admiring the canvas of her skin
    a hidden drawing she hopes
    is the creature she desires.”

    I love this. Welcome to OLN.

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