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On Heteronyms

January 21, 2013

This website ( keeps asking me if I want to create another Blog.  I thought, why would I want another Blog?  I have this Blog that I post my poetry on & my occasional “poetic” musings.  Then I realized it must mean some folks have different Blogs for different reasons, i.e., a Blog for their personal lives, a Blog for their recipes, a Blogs for their poetry/literary pretensions, etc.  Or do they?  Is it possible that some Bloggers are creating new personas, new heteronyms, not just writing on one topic on one Blog, another topic on another, but taking over a new personality on different Blogs?

Heteronyms is a poetic term, I’ve discovered.  It means more than just a pseudonym (which is basically a fake name to hide behind), but a whole new, alternate personality.  It’s like spies: they get a new passport with a new nationality, a new personal history, sometimes a facelift or at least a dye job, perhaps even a new  astrological sign, a new chart (I’ve heard that the CIA have folks employed as astrologers for just this purpose).  Heteronyms, I hear, write with a new style, a different cluster of topics.  And the very idea of these “heteronyms” pre-dates the internet age, some as far back as poets from the early years of the 20th Century.

What a concept! I thought.  Perhaps now some folks might even be doing this on social media sites like FaceBook, Twitter, or even on computer dating services, something that had never occurred to me to do, as much as I deal with  websites on my job.  How many fake, made-up, heteronym “personalities”  are there out there?

So then, I thought, why not me?  Maybe I should take on a heteronym, create a new Blog, new FB page, new Twitter account?  All I need to do it is a unique email address.  How many fake email addresses are there out there now anyway?  Hmmm.

All I can say is caveat lector — let the reader beware.  The new poetic Blog you are reading by, let’s say, “Al Kingston,” or “Bernie Blair,” or “Goldie Crane” may be none other than me, Lee Pursewarden.  As Fats Waller allegedly once said, “One never knows, do one?”


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