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She had a Mighty Fine Ass, a Tempest in a Tea Pot

December 10, 2012

Don’t know what to make of this controversy.  Obviously Franz Wright is born of the same poetry aristocracy that these (expensive) MFA programs want to foster.  MFA programs are money-makers for small to middle size colleges (such as his father taught in), drawing in a student population that they would not have otherwise attracted, i.e., the older, more affluent, students outside the usual academic track.  As such, & as part of the educational/industrial (i.e., Capitalist) complex, there is nothing inconsistent with these program from the overall trajectory of the National economy, nor with Franz (or his father’s) quest for awards & accolades.

Is Franz Wright worried that some little-old-lady poet from Dubuque or Copake, or some Facebook-based over-sexed grad student from cyberspace would usurp his poetic hegemony?  MFA programs will continue to churn out the same nondescript poets such programs have always exploited.  Some students will benefit from a wonderful teacher/mentor & create some dazzling poetry, some will be unaffected & continue to write what their heart directs, while most students will dutifully complete their assignments & go home to their day jobs.  The real poets, in an MFA program or out, on the street or in a garret, will continue to create what they have always created, what Franz wouldn’t know if it bit him in the ass, real poetry.


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