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The poets of this Seaside City

November 9, 2012

I’ve counted about 17 or so regular poets or wannabees who show up at the rare literary events in this area.  The “catchment area” here must be quite large so I am unsure where they all come from.  I’ve given them “tags”, nicknames that effectively put them in neat cubbyholes.  But it seems they had already placed themselves there by their taking on these roles which ultimately must assault their individuality (if they have one at all).

An artist, if they are to be anything, must be themselves.  But then we all fall into roles.  Someone looking at me lurking in the coffee shop, picking up tired Chinese or Mexican take-out for dinner, would not see the the colors of my shirts or the pictures on my walls that are all my own.  They would only see a desperate loner whose hair is unruly & demeanor sarcastic.  So here they are, in no particular order (or ordure, for that matter).  Over time I will fill in the details & hope they don’t recognize themselves & come after me with bread knives or pellet guns.  Obviously, some (all?) are obvious.  Excuse me, whatever.

Humor Poet, Cat-Lady Poet, All-Men-are-Pricks Poet, Poet of the Babies, Flamboyant Queer Poet, Goth Poet, The Romantic, the Buddhist/Anarchist, the Prompt Lady, the Scholar Wannabe, the Acadmic, the MFA Housewife, the almost-Beat poet, the Divorced Lady/Break-Up Guy on the Make, the Post-Hippie, the Political Ranter, the Hip-Hop Guy (white version), the Hip-Hop Guy (black version), the Hip-Hop Girl (either version), the Abused Childhood Poet, the Vilanelle/Pantoum/Sonnet show-off Poet … [more to be added, I’m sure].


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