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Fear of Prompts

November 6, 2012

As I live & breathe I live in fear & dread of one of these sites, like Robert Lee Brewer’s commercial enterprise for Writers’ Digest, where they post daily writing prompts for poets, to post a prompt to “write about a lost love.”

What the fuck have I ever written about?  I could write a poem-a-day from now until they find my body in this cheap apartment, eaten by my starving cats, on that single prompt — the endless images of Clea, of Lisa’s sad eyes, the desperation of Kathryn-Marie, even of the barely glimpsed flaccid tits of Suzanne (who after all was only an imagined lover).  Indeed what have I ever written about?  Indeed what has any poet ever written about?

Scroll down, find the poems one-by-one, or click on the category “poems” & see what you will find.   Beyond the sorry attempts at being “literary” you will find paeans to these “lost” loves, who are not lost at all, whom I conjure up each night with only a bare whisper of their names, who continually serve as inspiration for poems, for fantasies, not prompts.

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