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July 5, 2012

Wandering the steaming rain forest of internet pleasure centers where each predilection has its own cubby hole, so to speak, I am reminded of the poets of the past century dressing up to head out for the City’s brothels.  Particularly reminded of “the Old Poet of the City”, C.P. Cavafy, although his tastes were decidedly different from mine.

Now, in the 21st Century, I can stay in my cramped apartment, the fan blowing directly on me, seeking solitary pleasure in a room bathed in the computer’s blue light.  I don’t have to wait until evening, I can even find my pleasure in the morning before the day takes over, before the boredom of work.

Sometime ago someone found me through MySpace & she became infatuated with my words, even the images I posted on my site (which I haven’t been to since).  Briefly she posted short self-shot videos before they were taken down.  But not before I was able to download them for my private use.  Then something happened all of a sudden, I think a liaison with a more local reprobate masturbator & I haven’t heard from her in years.  But I keep the still photos she sent, treasure them with pleasure.  One could say she is my longest lasting relationship (other than Clea).  All that happened before I started this Blog, but I think some of my poems she liked can be found on my FaceBook site that I rarely visit now (perhaps I should more often, find another cyber-sex partner).

& speaking of poems, this is the one by the Old Poet of the City that brought this self-indulgent moment to mind.


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