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February 25, 2012

It’s not like I’m “new” to publishing, to having my poems published in a zine or a journal, but it’s particularly exciting to see my poem “Dreaming of Prompts” in the Winter 2012 Issue of Naugatuck River Review.  I finally received my copies in the mail, forwarded on by my friend on the “right” coast who had submitted it for me in the first place.  I had sent it to him last year when we were corresponding about the pros & cons of writing from prompts.  Neither of us were enthusiastic about prompts, but he had actually had some of his prompt poems published and encouraged me to do so.  I dragged my heels.  He went ahead and submitted the poem for me.  And it got selected.

You can find a copy of the poem here on my Blog, posted back in April, 2011.  But I do like reading it on paper!

“Dreaming of Prompts” is literally a series of dreams strung together, with a bit of free-form fantasy thrown in for spice, built around a series of prompts that were meant to be written about separately, not all tossed in the pot at once.  The writing was fun, primal, leaping image by image.  It was the kind of poem I wish I could do over and over, every day.  I wonder if that is possible or if the pressure of the everyday is too suffocating to allow that to happen.  My notebooks groan under the weight of unused images, half-formed still-borns & just plain un-recycled garbage.


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