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Birthday Meditation

July 2, 2011

Strange to get birthday wishes from complete strangers, in spite of being called “Friends.”  It’s the FaceBook phenomenon.  Strange that it is this day, quite random as it is.  What difference if I “celebrate” today or any other day?  Who would know, or care, for that matter?

Clea, who was an amateur astrologer, calculating charts the old-fashioned way before computer programs, told me, “Cancerians are somewhat retiring & unassuming, though many develop a sophisticated mask to hide their inner insecurity & protect emotional vulnerability.”  I think it is significant that the totem is a Crab.  I’ve been told more than once, beginning with that dear, sainted woman who brought me into this sad world, that I am “crabby.”

Clea also said there was a tendency toward “self-centeredness” but perhaps she was just being critical, indirectly, as she often was.

Most important is that the sign is ruled by the Moon.  That says it all.  I will walk the beach tonight looking for the first sliver of itself.


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