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Suzanne, More than Coffee

April 29, 2011

Her back was to the light, a brief break for the City from the rain
while she steamed the milk, made the cappuccino, then turned.
I had seen her before through a back window, her bare breasts
not what she wanted a stranger to see.  But when I smiled she
smiled back, she didn’t know.  I ordered a croissant & thought
of the scoop of her belly.  I smiled & she smiled back.

When the door chimed, old, smelly Ben chimed too, “Hi Sweetie,”
& she didn’t smile.  He wanted a coffee, a hardroll & when she brought it
he said, “When can I buy what I need with my good looks?” & unzipped his fly.
I took him outside, gave him his coffee & roll, showed him the bench
up the street.  When I finished breakfast & left, she smiled, I smiled back.

[see this earlier post as well as this from my FaceBook Notes:]

From → Poems

  1. Wonder: what imaginary relationship does she have to compare with this?

    • That’s an intriguing idea. To add her dream-thoughts in, another poem, another stanza.

  2. Interesting piece! A hero, no less.

  3. elizabethmatter permalink

    Wow, this is really powerful. The line “I had seen her before through a back window” reminds me of ‘Once Upon a Time in America’.

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