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Re-posting the Past

March 26, 2011

I started off these musing in the world of social networks on MySpace, then moved on to FaceBook (which still exists for me & that I sometimes link to these postings).  As a retro-literary type who still uses a paper notebook I feel more at home home with this page-oriented text, not the social-networking of FaceBook or even Twitter (yes, I have a rarely used account on that too).  But so many of my early musings are sitting out there in those abandoned cyber-closets & I want to gradually bring them here, in a literary space, like moving my books into a new, more comfortable apartment.

When I was on MySpace, with an old, sputtering computer, I somehow hooked up with a young woman (i.e., younger than me) on the East Coast who enjoyed the pleasure of herself so much she sent me pictures, even videos, that I treasure in my solitude to this day.  She moved over to FaceBook too & things got intense, or as intense as they can via keyboards & screens, until she “un-friended” me suddenly.  Oh well, I still look at the pictures of her making love with her machines when I need to.  We had a mutual “friend” who eventually shared with me the story of some interesting incidents involving her.  There was one particular night…  Oh well; perhaps I will post that one sometime.

So there has been an evolution to this Blog that is like my personal evolution from toddler crayons & fat pencils, to fountain pen, to ball-point (brio), to rolling ball or whatever they call the latest developments.  The vast library of my notebooks sit in a trunk somewhere.  But I can easily copy those MySpace & FaceBook entries now & reprint them here, on this Blog.  So if there is anyone who has followed me across cyberspace, I apologize for repeating myself, yet again I repeat myself.  I plan on re-posting some of the more salient/salacious/succulent/seditious entries in the coming months.  Hell, it’s easier than writing new ones: my life is so boring.

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