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The Past & Future List [for Big Tent 12/31/10]

December 31, 2010

Who do I love?

Clea, perhaps first, too much like a sister that one night at The Blue Inn;

Donna, the Blue Daisy, certainly the first on her mother’s couch long before Clea;

Lisa found me like her precious heroin on the streets of the Village, she rested on my tongue while I thought of her sister;

Kathryn-Marie chased me, another trophy poet for her shelf, her cherished moon rising beneath me;

Suzanne doesn’t know what I’ve seen, Vegan muffins she bakes each morning, frosting like my come on her breasts;

Leigh, a rhyme in red, too mysterious & unknown like streets of a City she has never been to;

The New Year, filled with surprises I can barely smell, not yet taste.

  1. Good images, like the vegan muffin frosting. Happy New Year.

  2. a list of women/loves — how many of us have a list like this! thanks for writing with us and congrats on starting the blog!

  3. nicely done …thanks for sharing…have a great NY

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