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The Next Step

December 23, 2010

(This is another of those pome-a-day things, the prompt for day 29 (of November).  I’ve done others but not posted many, but as you can see this is another obsessive love poem I started writing about Kathryn-Marie, but re-arranged lines & somehow Suzanne got in there too — & you should see the lines I cut out!)

The Next Step

is tell her I love her, buy her a gun, teach her to shoot
plan the escape
teach her Greek
identify the constellations

The next step is
to order a pizza & wings for delivery
cut up the credit cards, empty the bank account
to buy the Farm, or steal lobsters from the harbor

The next step is
call her up at midnight with a hardon & a bourbon
become a vegetarian, then an alcoholic
go to 12-step meetings & leave at 9
join a monastary & do phone sex at night

The Next step is
to follow her car to the ghetto
parse her poems for metric anomalies

The next step is
to visit her sister for sibling sex
ask her husband for a date, then don’t show up
kidnap her children

The next step is
to bury the body
ignore the lawyers with their briefs in their hands
to read the Bible

The next step is
to read poems about her in open mics in a rock club
get drunk & go home alone.



From → Kathryn Marie, Poems

  1. Dream-like… and a tad disturbing.

  2. (S) permalink

    Dude. You are so flipping awesome. I get jazzed every time I see your name linked up. You are a funny and talented poet. Oh, and that sibling sex line was my favorite. Keep it up.

  3. Rather desperate and sad!

  4. Intriguing…!!

  5. Ouch…an obsessive love poem indeed…

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