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Lee’s Haibun

December 22, 2010

[This is a recent post (from the end of September) to my Facebook page that I wrote for one of those poetry-on-demand/prompt sites that somehow didn’t make it to the site, lost in the static of spam.  But I like what I did & want to beef up (I hope I’m not offending any vegans by all these meat metaphors) this new site, just learning my way around.  Anyways, it’s in that hybrid prose/haiku form supposedly invented by Basho (1644-1694) (my battered Penguin Classics still has Sharon’s name penciled on the first page).]

The morning fog embraces the land, then slowly returns west to his pacific wife, cleaning the streets, leaving them misty & cool for my walk to the cafe.  The note from Kathyrn Marie rattled me, then brought peace: she is getting married.  She has found her Sugar Daddy, & sounded happy.

The walk itself is therapeutic, a half hour when no one talks to me, through this town where there are no ghosts for me to conjure up.  Even in the cafe there is a new girl behind the counter, Suzanne back to teaching after a summer of serving me.  The new girl is tall, very pretty with pale, freckled skin, short dyed red hair (like Kathryn-Marie’s only edgy).  When I asked her name she said “Leigh” — like me, only spelled different — or was there something else before that?

grey day returns to the sea

redhead serving coffee

is the sunrise I miss.


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